Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hamilton Stabber caught. Also tied to two murders!

The man conducting the stabbing attacks in Hamilton has been caught.  Even more astoundingly, he has been linked to two murders.  I originally posted about the Hamilton Stabber as a good suspect in the Audrey Gleave murder.  If you notice, he meets many of the major points on my Audrey Gleave UNSUB profile.  Does he have any ties to the Lynden area?  As a disorganized offender, it's hard to envision Mr. Cafe using his bike to travel as far as Lynden.  Usually they stay local.  However, if he had a reason to be in the area during the Christmas holidays of 2010, he becomes a prime suspect.  Now it's just a matter of waiting to see how this plays out.  Hopefully we will learn more about Mr. Cafe's background as the story develops.  Also the distance from his neighbourhood to Lynden is only 14 KM.  It's certainly not impossible.

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  1. Thank God they caught him. Sicko.