Sunday, 8 January 2012

"Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder" now has a Facebook page.

Cold North Killers hits Canadian bookshelves in less than two months - March 3.  I've created a Facebook page to promote the book.  It'll give you a sneak peak into some of the material, and provides a space for readers to leave questions or comments.  Please "like" the page to show your support and receive daily updates.


  1. Dear Lee, My name is Linda Scott
    Cold North Killers, my sister Kathy Scott was abducted and killed by David Thrienen in Saskatonn Saskatchewan in 1975. I am saddened by this story in this book. Kathy was my sister. I am saddened everyday. A day does not go by that Kathy is not in my thoughts and heart. My heart hurts as both my parent has passed away and Kathy is never coming home. Now our story is in your book. This has happened to my family and I will never heal my heart that aches so much for our Kathy. I hope to hear from you. You can contact me at Linda Scott

  2. I am giving approval