Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The book is out, and I'm making news!

Hi everyone,
Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder is officially available in bookstores across Canada, and I've been doing a ton of interviews, both in print and radio.  Here's some links for you to check out: - Speaking to the Orangeville Banner about the murder of Sonia Varaschin, the attack on Shelley Loder, and local serial killer David Snow. - Radio inteview with Global's Peter Anthony Holder on his Stuph File podcast.  I discuss the process of writing the book, why prostitutes are at particular risk for serial murder, and the role of fantasy in the development of a sexual predator. - Brian Combs runs a podcast on serial killers out of Austin, Texas.  He interviewed me about the book and serial murder in Canada.  Lots of topics covered here!

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  1. Matthew Stephen Foerster, 26, arrested in Collingwood in connection with murder of 18-year-old Taylor Van Diest in Armstrong, B.C. in October 2011. Also arrested is his father, 58-year-old Stephen Roy Foerster, in Cherryville, B.C. Son had no criminal record; father known to police. Son also believed connected to a sexual assault on an escort in Kelowna in 2005, and assault on a Cherryville, B.C. woman, dating back to 2004. Do you think OPP will run that Kelowna DNA against the Sonia Varaschin DNA evidence?