Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Audrey Gleave slaying - I would be looking very closely at this UNSUB

This suspect, still unapprehended, bears some startling resemblences to the UNSUB I predicted in my profile of the Audrey Gleave murder.  Note he also has an accent, indicating possible Caribbean origins.  A migrant worker in nearby Lynden?  If and when the police take this man into custody, I would highly advise that they act in a friendly manner.  Establish a rapport, as he is asocial and will warm to kindness.  And canvas the town for god's sake!  I have friends in Lynden who haven't even been approached by the police yet.  You want to know every male who was staying in the area around Christmas.  It's a small town - going door to door and asking pertinent questions is how you're going to catch Audrey's killer.  Be thorough!