Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Audrey Gleave slaying - I would be looking very closely at this UNSUB

This suspect, still unapprehended, bears some startling resemblences to the UNSUB I predicted in my profile of the Audrey Gleave murder.  Note he also has an accent, indicating possible Caribbean origins.  A migrant worker in nearby Lynden?  If and when the police take this man into custody, I would highly advise that they act in a friendly manner.  Establish a rapport, as he is asocial and will warm to kindness.  And canvas the town for god's sake!  I have friends in Lynden who haven't even been approached by the police yet.  You want to know every male who was staying in the area around Christmas.  It's a small town - going door to door and asking pertinent questions is how you're going to catch Audrey's killer.  Be thorough!


  1. I can almost 100% say the man doing the stabbings in Hamilton is not a migrant worker. Hamilton, although close (and Lynden is considered a Hamilton subdivision) is much too far to for a migrant worker to travel. This man seems to be a resident of the city of Hamilton (approx. 20 mins. from Lynden by car).

    A thorough canvassing of Lynden itself (only about 1500-2000 residents) would offer up a much broader spectrum of suspects. Lynden is a middle-class, family sort of town. Most residents know each other or at least see each other on a regular basis. There are high property taxes and large properties, so poverty is very uncommon. However, people passing through or visiting is not unlikely.

    The city of Brantford is only about 10-15 mins. by car from Lynden, and about 5 mins. from Audrey's home. The area of Brantford closest to Audrey, although developing, is still somewhat below the middle-class line, with many more cases of poverty and crime. Many blended or broken homes. Farther in to the northern end of Brantford is more middle class and mostly townhouses and modest shopping centers etc. Hope that helps :)

  2. here is a video of the man stabbing people in Hamilton. He doesn't seem to be trying to kill..

  3. a note to readers, audrey's home has been razed. sadly, with no suspect, and very little public knowledge. hopefully, we can still keep public awareness on this case..