Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Hi everyone,

Apparently a number of you have been attempting to comment on my posts, but the comments were not registering.  I have changed the settings now so that anybody can post a comment, once I have approved it.  The reason I do this is to control SPAM on the blog and so that I don't have to deal with people who would rather make trouble than contribute to the discussion.

With this in mind, please feel free to comment on any of the posts.  I welcome your contributions,



  1. Test test... Are things in order now?

  2. As I read your profile of Cindy's killer, the person that keeps coming to mind is Russell Williams. The man that folds all clothes nice and neat and orderly. Intelligent, obsessed with control,involved in law enforcement, ect. ect.ect. So much of the profile is R. Williams.
    Great job Lee. I believe he has killed many women long before Marie Comeau and Jessica Lloyd. Law enforcement will probably never tell.

  3. Thanks for your post. I hope we can keep this discussion going.

    There are a number of differences that we should note between Williams and Cindy's killer:

    - Williams did not use a knife on any of his victims. His method of killing them was suffocation/strangulation, and he "subdued" them by striking them with a flashlight.

    - As far as I know, Williams has no association to the area north of Barrie.

    - Williams was the consummate home invader. In every one of his document sexual assaults, murders and fetish burglaries he broke into the victims' home. This invasion of their privacy seems to be key in his personal gratification. Cindy was killed by somebody whose modus operandi was to pick up hitchhikers.

    Then again there are some similarities:

    - Body dumped in a wilderness area off a road (Jessica Lloyd)

    - Victim held captive at killer's home (Jessica Lloyd)

    My personal feeling is that it is not Williams, but somebody LIKE Williams. First thing's first - let's see where he was in 1992. I'm away from my library at the moment, but will consult "A New Kind of Monster" by Timothy Appleby at the first available chance. Despite some disagreements I have with the author's understanding of criminal psychology, I recommend it, as it offers a telling examination of the former Colonel's childhood.

  4. I'm not sure where, but I read that Williams brutalized Marie Comeau's breasts. I may be wrong, but I thought it to be with knife.
    I also believe that Elizabeth Bain was murdered with a knife. Lots of blood in her car. R.Willaims, not a doubt.
    There is a army base near Barrie, Base Borden I think, not sure,??? It's been years since I thought about that area.

  5. I do not recall any violence focused specifically at the breasts from what I've read. I'll check Appleby's book next available chance. Elizabeth Bain: now there's a case I should profile. I believe Bernardo is the prime suspect in that one, though he denies it in an interrogation with police leaked on You Tube.

  6. Police have DNA from Elizabeth Bains' crime scene, I would hope. Do you think that they would ever check Williams DNA with other crimes and let the public know.???

  7. I don't think they do have DNA from the Bain crime scene because they had to ask Bernardo in 2010 if he committed the crime. All sex offenders and murderers have their DNA entered into a databank where it would automatically be linked to DNA from the Bain crime scene. So it seems to me that if they are asking convicted serial killers if they have committed the murder, that they do not have DNA from the Bain murder.

  8. Sorry that Bernardo interview was 2008. Here's a link:

  9. To clarify, DNA is matched automatically by computers within 24 hours these days.

  10. I would like to see the profile on the Elizabeth Bain case.
    I believe this to be the beginning of R Williams murders. How many others were there and will we ever know.??? Just my opinion.

  11. I'm just putting the finishing touches on two more profiles for this week and then I promise you an Elizabeth Bain profile. I'll even thrown in a special analysis of Williams and Bernardo :)

  12. Let's just say hypothetically that Williams had murdered Elizabeth Bain. What could this tell you about Williams and his early murders. He would be in his early 20's then. Could this info. link him to other similar crimes.???
    He seems to have a link with names. His wifes name, Marie Elizabeth, Elizabeth Marie Bain, and Marie Comeau.
    I also think he may be well read up on Russell Johnson. Copy-cat killer.? Just because he's Russell.

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  14. Tell you what Art - having finished my Sonia Varaschin profile now, I'll get to work on the Elizabeth Bain one, and I will address your questions in there. Please give me a few days to read up on the case and write about it.

    On the issues of serial murderers being motivated by names, in my research of over 200 killers I have yet to find a single one that has been attracted to victims for that reason. They tend to dwell more on physical or sociological characteristics, or often times just on the vulnerability of the victim. I guess one way to understand it is to try and stand in their shoes. Say your first girlfriend emotionally devastated you for whatever reason and, being a sexual psychopath, you felt the need to exact violent revenge on her: do you think you would focus more on women who happen to have the same name, or would physical and/or personality characteristics you associated with her be of more importance? After all you can call her whatever you want while you're killing her, but you're probably going to achieve that psychological release by fixating on more visual similarities. Physical traits like "flat-chested", "long blonde hair" etc.; or labels HE assigned to them which denote their personality like "stuck up rich bitch" or "filthy whore". What I'm getting at is I think predators would tend to focus more on these things than a superficial pre-assigned tags like a name. In the case of Williams, he looked for attractive women of any age who were alone and vulnerable.
    Does Elizabeth Bain fall into that category?

  15. I suppose, that Marie and Elizabeth are quite common names and perhaps he just happens to run into them at some point and decides from there.
    We don't really know that much about Williams yet. Would you believe him to have been a killer for quite some time.???