Sunday, 8 July 2012

New revelations about Luka Magnotta - necrophile/cannibal wannabe?

1. Quote his former lover: "He confessed to her about being routinely sexually abused by an older man when he was a child - a trauma he then deliberately relived with older men in the sex trade."

In my personality profile, I proposed that Eric Newman/Luka Magnotta was harbouring deep-seated feelings of rage against his father.  Now with the revelations of the alleged sexual abuse at the hands of an "older man," it is possible that this unidentified adult male figure may have been the primary object of hatred in his revenge fantasies.

2. Regarding Magnotta's body dysmorphic disorder and obsession with plastic surgery.We have seen that Eric Newman adopted at least two replacement names, Luka Magnotta and Vladimir Romanov, in an attempt to make himself in a new image.  He photoshopped himself into glamorous pictures to portray himself as a successful model and high roller, when in reality he had filed for bankruptcy.  His body dismorphic disorder and constant need for plastic surgery should therefore come as no surprise to us.  Magnotta may have believed that he hated his body for its perceived imperfections, but in reality this would have been more reflective of his desire to annihilate every last vestige of "Eric Newman" - the neglected, molestation victim.  Juxtapose this against the fact that he dismembered his victim, and we have a portrait of a killer who believes that a person's essence can be destroyed by physically altering it. 

3. Quote Magnotta: "If I don't have my body - if I don't have my looks, then I don't have any life."
I commented in my profile that Newman's career as an escort and porn star would have been jeopardized by his advancing age.  This quote gives credence to that theory, but also reinforces his aforementioned obsession with re-creating himself.

Having watched the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video twice now, I have also arrived at the conclusion that Magnotta did not actually have sexual intercourse with the corpse, nor did he cannibalize it.   Instead, the video was staged to draw as much attention to himself as possible.  Don't agree?  Ask yourself this: why don't we see Magnotta's penis entering or exiting the victim's anus at any time during the video?  We see him making thrusting motions against him with his hips, but no actual penile penetration.  He also goes to great lengths to show himself cutting out a portion of the victim's buttocks and skewering it on a fork, but we do not see him eating it.

If we now consider the extent that Magnotta has gone to in order to fake the level of his depravity, and the fact that his victim was his lover and not a stranger, the probability that he is a serial killer plummets significantly.


  1. Regarding molestation: in another posting Luka claimed it was a maintenance person of a building where he lived. His father was an "alcahalic" who never paid attention to him. According to Luka.

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  2. Thanks for sharing that! So there is the sexual abuse from the older maintenance person combined with paternal neglect. That's a perfect recipe for revenge fantasies against a male victim.

  3. Luka has definitely been killing living things now for a long, long time. I would be willing to wager that he has killed many animals off camera before. In most of his pictures with animals around, they all share in common the same frightened look in their eyes. I think Luka is a very sick person who has done a lot of sick things, and I'm not sure Jun Lin was his first human victim.

  4. There's online evidence of how he built up his rage in order to complete the killing, as he really had no feelings about Jun Lin. He was posting tirades about former lover Nader Eid on May 24th & 25th while at the same time posting both positive and negative ramblings about himself. All of these writings can be found on The post claiming to be Barbie Swallows is actually Magnotta, he's impersonating a real person who's since been interviewed. There are posts from 2009 about having his heart broken by a middle eastern man who is very much 'in the closet'. Seems to me this was a crime of passion against Nader Eid.